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Thickness Gage or Feeler Stock Holders (Starrett Series 806)

Starrett No. 806 thickness gage holders provide a handy convenient means of rigidly holding single leaves or strips of thickness gage stock of any thickness from .001-.025" (0.03-0.5mm).
Stock up to 6" (150mm) long is easily inserted in the holder and firmly gripped in the desired position by a cam lock. This permits all of the stock to be used, because as it wears from use the defective end can be snipped off and new stock pulled out until entirely used up.
Size approximately 3/32" thick x 9/16" wide x 5 1/4" long (2.4 x 14 x 19mm). No. 806D clamps have contrasting finish to eliminate the possible confusion on which end holds the thicker or thinner stock.
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0053039 STARRETT USA 806 GAGE HOLDER $32.00
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