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NEW ALUMTAP Cutting & Tapping Fluid

New Alumtap is a special compound that enables speedy and precise machining of aluminum. It has exceptional penetrating and lubricating qualities that reduce galling and extend tool life while improving fit and finish. It is the best cutting fluid available for use on aluminum, magnesium, copper, and other soft metals.

* Specifically formulated for the machining characteristics of aluminum and other soft metals.
* Produces an ultrafine surface finish that is clean and bright without metal smear or staining.
* Increases tool life by inhibiting spot welding and reducing the tendency of aluminum to adhere to the cutting edge of the tool.
* The answer to "problem" aluminum jobs that require tight tolerance.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
4600006 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 4 oz. Bottle, Units per Case: 24 $4.00
4660616 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 16 oz. Bottle, Units per Case: 12 $10.60
4660628 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 1 Gallon Jug, Units per Case: 4 $60.40
4660605 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 5 Gallons, Units per Case: 1 Pail $270.00
4660630 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 30 Gallons, Units per Case: 1 Drum $1,495.00
4660655 WINFIELD BROOKS Size: 55 Gallons, Units per Case: 1 Drum Shipped from F.O.B. Factory $2,505.00
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