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14" Optical Comparator - Master View?

* Surface illumination through duplex fiber optics.
* Digital LCD scales on X and Z axis provide readings to .0005".
* SPC Output from scales that are compatible with most SPC Systems.
* High capacity 4" x 8" travel stage with 4.5" x 19" work surface.
* Ball way construction handles loads to 100 lbs
* 3-Position rotary switch selects profile, surface, or combination surface and profile illumination modes.
* Single long life tungsten-halogen light source.
* 10X lens system.
* Rotary frosted glass screen with 90? crosslines and 360? protractor rim.
* Vernier readings to 5 min. of arc
* Overlay chart clips.
* Heavy duty monorail type, welded steel frame.
* Weighs 245 lbs.
* Comparator measures 48-1/2" long x 22-1/4" wide x 34" high
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