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Halogen Lamps - IP54

IP54 (Splashproof)
110 Volt Version


Recommended for dry environments.

Superior Features:
* 35 watts of halogen natural light standard.
* Transformer built into base. Fixture can be plugged directly into a 110 volt power source.
* Designed with highly efficient plastic beads over a coaxial base that holds the light in position virtually forever. Neck will not loosen over time.
* Heavy duty plastic head with on/off switch offers maximum safety.

Magnets, Surface Plates, Magnetic Cord Holder, and Replacement Bulbs available; please inquire.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
9580514 HALOGEN Part No. HLP-005-14, Long Neck - 14 Beads $172.95
9580520 HALOGEN Part No. HLP-005-20, Extra Long Neck - 20 Beads $178.75
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