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Buffing Compounds

Color Compounds
Color compounds are intended for buffing metals/ plastics where the work surface is in good condition. Available in mild cut - fine cut - ultra premium color yellow - white - blue green - pink.
Jewelers Rouge
Red Rouge

Super fine red iron oxide combined with enough binder to provide a brilliant luster on gold, silver and brass.
White Rouge
Ultra fine grade of compound. Provides a clear - brilliant - mirror like finish on stainless, brass and aluminum.
Blue Rouge

For cut and color on non-ferrous metals, plastics and synthetics. High luster compound.
Tripoli Compound

One of the oldest and most widely used buffing compounds. Used for cutting down and bringing out a high luster on non-ferrous metals - contains natural abrasive - fast cutting action on all types of Zinc die casting brass, copperplate aluminum casting and stamping. Greasy grade/ Quick cut - drier grease, mild cut, bright finish. Use with spiral sewed full disc or bias buff.
Emery Cake

Aggressive compound, used to soften the cut of new set-up wheels. Also used as an aggressive compound to remove scratches, rust, corrosion, and burrs from iron, steel, and other hard metals. Works well with sisal wheels.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
8591010 DIVINE BROTHERS COMPANY Tripoli Buffing Compound $6.50
8591020 DIVINE BROTHERS COMPANY Emery Buffing Compound $6.50
8591030 DIVINE BROTHERS COMPANY White Rogue Buffing Compound $9.70
8591040 DIVINE BROTHERS COMPANY Red Rogue Buffing Compound $14.05
8591050 DIVINE BROTHERS COMPANY Blue Rogue Buffing Compound $9.70
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