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5-C Collet Closers

Handwheel Style Collet Closer
* The handwheel style collet closer provides the lowest cost method of utilizing popular 5C Collets tooling.
* Ideal for short runs and prototype work because it can be inserted and removed quickly.
* Not recommended for production applications because the spindle must be stopped before loosening collet.

5C Lever Style collet Closer
* The lever style collet closer can be opened and closed without stopping the spindle (for workpieces that are safe to handle) making it an ideal choice for production work.
* The adjustable locating ring and precision-ground working surfaces ensure smooth, vibration-free operation.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
0015900 ROYAL A1-3 OR D1-3 Spindle $1,055.00
0015901 ROYAL A1-4 OR D1-4 Spindle $1,062.00
9915902 ROYAL A1-5 OR D1-5 Spindle $1,062.00
9915903 ROYAL A1-6 OR D1-6 Spindle $1,134.00
9915904 ROYAL A1-8 OR D1-8 Spindle $1,434.00
9915911 ROYAL Hardinge Type Spindle $991.00
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