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Unbreakbale Lexan Shield provides complete protection between cutting tool and operator's eyes.

* Flexbar arm permits setting of Visorguard at the correct height and angle for each setup.
* Flip shield up to load part and down for machining.
* Special spring loaded shaft makes shield stay put - no springback.
* Wing-shaped shield protects workers at adjacent machines.
* Flexbar locks rigid; has stainless aircraft grade and tension cable.
* Can be installed in minutes on CNC mills, conventional milling machines and others.

* Shield Size - 16" wide x 8" high
* Flexbar arm - 10" long
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
8613055 FLEXBAR USA Visorguard $132.50
8613050 FLEXBAR USA Long Reach Visorguard $199.50
8613054 FLEXBAR USA Replacement Lexan Shield $29.85
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