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* Clear Lexan, semi-circular Wrap-a-round Guards.
* Rib reinforced
* Robust construction
* Light in weight
* Swings away easily
* Heavy Duty Cast Mounting bracket supplied
* Heavy Duty Chrome-plated extension tube and hardware
* Ready to mount: affix mounting bracket with two screws
* Back of Shield reinforced with plated wire-form housing
* Locks in swing away or functional positions

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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
8612999 FLEXBAR USA Latheguard f/small lathes $129.00
8613060 FLEXBAR USA Latheguard f/6-12 Lathe $144.00
8613061 FLEXBAR USA Latheguard f/12-16lathe $162.00
8613062 FLEXBAR USA Latheguard f/16-20lathe $178.00
8613064 FLEXBAR USA Latheguard f/20-24Lathe $204.00
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