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Standard General Purpose Letter and Figure Combo Stamp Sets

To order individual stamps, specify set number plus character. Ex. #5 stamp in 1/8" heavy duty would be No. 3112108-5

High caliber general performance at a lower cost. Recommended for medium to light duty marking. Marked with slash on thumb side.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
3120622 CH HANSON USA 1/16" Combo Set $58.58
3120623 CH HANSON USA 3/32" Combo Set $58.58
3120624 CH HANSON USA 1/8" Combo Set $58.58
3120625 CH HANSON USA 3/16" Combo Set $71.14
3120626 CH HANSON USA 1/4" Combo Set $85.64
3120627 CH HANSON USA 3/8" Combo Set $125.00
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