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Premier Industrial Heavy Duty Figure Stamp Sets

To order individual stamps, specify set number plus character. Ex. #5 stamp in 1/8" heavy duty would be No. 3112108-5

Large shanks are designed to hold up under continuous hard hammering. Recommended for heavy duty marking. Marked with character designation and size on thumb side.
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Order # Manufacturer Description Price
3112104 CH HANSON USA 1/16" Figure Set $28.29
3112106 CH HANSON USA 3/32" Figure Set $28.29
3112108 CH HANSON USA 1/8" Figure Set $28.29
3112112 CH HANSON USA 3/16" Figure Set $33.87
3112116 CH HANSON USA 1/4" Figure Set $39.08
3112124 CH HANSON USA 3/8" Figure Set $55.22
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