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* Accurately aim coolant flow and many other applications.
* Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any springback.
* Chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants and most common chemicals. (Also available in acid resistant polyester.)
* Electrically non-conductive.
* Designed for low pressure applications.

The following specifications are guidelines for all Loc-Line coolant hose systems:
1/4" System - 30-50PSI 250 Gal./Hr.
1/2" System - 20-30PSI 478 Gal./Hr.
3/4" System - 10-20PSI 1,140 Gal./Hr.
* Temperature specifications are as follows:
Melting point: 329 degrees F
Maximum operating temperature: 170 degrees F

While we show our most popular LOC-LINE items, we can supply their entire range of products; please inquire.

Modular & Adjustable Vacuum Hose
The Original Modular Hose 1/2" System
The Original Modular Hose 1/4" System
The Original Modular Hose 3/4" System
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