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Carbon Flex - Back

Wood and Metal Cutting -
Flex Back, made from carbon steel with a flexible back, is recommended for general purpose cutting at an attractive cost on easy to machine ferrous metal. It has an excellent fatigue factor to give long life on machines running at a high Surface Feet per Minute (SFM), cutting nonferrous metal and wood (not recommended above 10,000 SFM [3,000 m]).
Its flexible feature is also suited for absorbing contour cutting stresses.

* Light to medium, vertical and horizontal machines
* Low alloy, nonferrous metals
* Furniture composition board
* Plastic of numerous types
* Nonferrous foundry materials

* Economical general purpose cutting
* Can be welded on standard welding equipment
* Greater variety of widths, thickness and tooth shapes to suit any purpose
* Ideal for both contour and straight cutting

Carbon Flex - Back Saw Blades - Coil Stock
Carbon Flex - Back Saw Blades - Welded to Length
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