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Non Woven Abrasives- Fibratex

Most Fibratex products consist of a non-woven web of nylon fibres, impregnated throughout with abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resins. This design produces a cushioned, three-dimensional material that is extremely pliable and long lasting. The uniform dispersion of abrasive throughout the web provides a continuous supply of new grain as the old grain and fibres wear away during use.
Fibratex products, with their open mesh construction, are waterproof, washable, resilient, conformable, non-loading, non-conductive, nonmetallic, and non-rusting. Fibratex wheels are easily preformed to conform to special-shaped workpieces. Since Fibratex products are designed for use where stock removal is not required, they begin where other abrasives leave off. The relatively non-aggressive nature of nylon and grit inherent in the Fibratex material makes it ideal as a finishing tool. While 60 to 80 grit are considered intermediate sizes in other products, they are considered coarse for Fibratex items.
Fibratex can be used on aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, chrome plate, stainless steel, zinc, titanium, tantalum, ceramics, glass, plastic, fiberglass, wood, plywood, and other materials. Applications include deburring, cleaning, scrubbing, scouring, blending, polishing, highlighting, deflashing plastics, defuzzing plywood, dulling laminates, removing oxides and rust, scuffing paint before repainting, rubbing sealers, removing raised wood fibres, and imparting satin and decorative finishes.

Used wet or dry, Fibratex products offer the following advantages:
* Controlled cut without stock removal
* Consistent, uniform finish
* Minimized smearing and discoloration of the workpiece (heat is dissipated through the open mesh of the product)
* Increased production; time savings
* Ability to automate operations
* Reduced operator training
* Less maintenance required.
* Greater safety than other methods.
* Conformability to irregular surfaces.

These advantages made Fibratex products an excellent alternative to bristle brushes, set-up wheels, greaseless compounds and steel wool. Fibratex web material utilizes either silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive grain. Silicon carbide is sharper, cuts faster, and produces finer scratch patterns on most surfaces. Aluminum oxide is more durable and tends to last longer, produces less discoloration on aluminum, and is more aggressive on certain applications such as hardened steel parts. Fibratex hand pads and rolls are available in a non-abrasive material.

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