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0-1" and 0-25mm Outside Micrometer (Starrett Series 230)
0-1" Micrometer w/ Insulated Frame (Starrett Series 231)
0-24" / 0-600mm Measuring Standards (Starrett Series 234 & 234M)
0-24" Outside Micrometer Sets (Starrett Series S436.1 & S436)
0-6" Outside Micrometers (Starrett Series 436.1)
0-600mm Outside Micrometer Sets (Starrett Series S436.1 & S436M)
13-24" Outside Micrometers (Starrett Series 436)
7-12" Outside Micrometers (Starrett Series 436)
Blade Type Micrometers (Starrett Series 486)
Depth Micrometers
Digital Outside Micrometers (Starrett Series 216)
Disc Type Micrometers
Electronic Digital Outside Micrometer -Without Output (Starrett Series 734)
Electronic Digital Outside Micrometers -With Output (Starrett Series 733)
Groove Micrometers (Starrett Series 260)
Inside Micrometer Calipers (Starrett Series 700)
Inside Micrometers w/ Solid Rods (Starrett Series 124)
Inside Micrometers w/ Tubular Rods (Starrett Series 823)
Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers - Electronic Digital w/ Output
Multi-Anvil Micrometers
Screw Thread Micrometers
Sheet Metal Micrometers (Series 222)
V-Anvil Micrometers (Starrett Series 483, 485)
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